Fontsmith develops font solutions for many well-known brands. A unique and distinctive font is integral to a brand’s make up and becomes part of who you are. We design and develop fonts, logos and licencing solutions for customers from all over the world. Our services range from simple advice and support to full bespoke typeface creation. Our typefaces are unique and exclusive to us and our work encompasses everything from traditional to contemporary.

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Logo development

How We Can Help?

It probably comes as little surprise that many of our design clients engage us in logo design and development. It’s because font creation and crafting logos are closely aligned. And increasingly, most logos are typographic solutions anyway.

Fontsmith’s particular skill set is ideally suited to crafting and artworking logotypes both typographically and in terms of overall form. It means that clients engage with us for anything from early logo concepts for client presentation, right through to finishing and artworking concepts developed by the client themselves.

We can add significantly to the overall styling of a logo. We understand how type can articulate important brand attributes through the subtlest nuances of style within the letterforms themselves.

Working With Fontsmith

What we bring to the process are craft, precision and a profound understanding of the dynamics of space and form.

We go through a design, crafting, testing and production process to ensure a quality and technical robustness that many designers cannot always be expected to produce independently.

This is truly a collaborative process and one that works very well for our clients. And, it’s a discipline we enjoy at all levels, from small, independent retailers to huge global brands. We’ve had the opportunity to bring our skills and our brand-led process to a great many designers and design companies.

This all means that we’re approachable and open to discuss all ideas no matter how extravagant or challenging.

What We Bring

Our expertise in this field breaks down into a few principal areas.

  • A typographer’s degree of craft.
  • The balance and spacing of fine detail.
  • The highest quality of final artwork.
  • We are often able to work on a logo in isolation, focusing on a single, specific brand asset.
  • Market research and comparison, understanding context.
  • Defining position and creating difference through distinct type features.
  • Collaborative fine-tuning – it’s always a two-way discussion.
  • A strong foundation in classic lettering skills.
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