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Global languages

Not Just A Font Extension

The first and most obvious reason for foreign language fonts is global brand consistency. It’s now inconceivable that highly visible brands would set brand names and headlines in anything but their core logo or brand font.

For this reason, most brands commission versions of their core fonts beyond the Western & Central European Latin alphabet to cover anything from Arabic to Cyrillic and Greek.

However, this is not always a simple matter of technical augmentation of the character set. Although there more type foundries around the world than ever, Fontsmith are commissioned because our approach is to tailor type to the brand as a whole. And that includes how to communicate with different cultures, not just languages.

How Do We Approach Languages?

A significant part of the foreign language type development process is researching design with native speakers and typographers. We also work directly with typographers in the respective countries to ensure that the font is entirely appropriate.

For example, when we worked with Colgate in Thailand, we collaborated with Thai consultancy, Cadson Demak – and for the development of Colgate Ready Devanagari we worked with the Indian Type Foundry.

Working with these native designers allowed us to understand the degree by which we could inject the type’s personality and character into the non-Latin designs without compromising the type’s reading or legibility.

Our Experience

Our work with foreign language-speaking consultants always helps us understand the technical challenges faced by those working with sometimes complex scripts.

We have worked with foreign language extensions of our own library fonts, and we also regularly develop custom fonts directly for foreign language brands.

In addition to Latin and Central European alphabets, we have recently developed fonts for use in Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Thai and Devanagari texts.

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