Fontsmith develops font solutions for many well-known brands. A unique and distinctive font is integral to a brand’s make up and becomes part of who you are. We design and develop fonts, logos and licencing solutions for customers from all over the world. Our services range from simple advice and support to full bespoke typeface creation. Our typefaces are unique and exclusive to us and our work encompasses everything from traditional to contemporary.

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Font modification

A Fast, Cost-Effective Solution

Font modification is a superb solution for clients who need something unique and manageable, but that don’t have the time or budget to invest in full service custom font development.

This can come in a number of different packages.

At a basic level, it can be a minor modification of one of the fonts in our library, to create a simple and unique license arrangement for a client. We often find that designers simply love our typefaces exactly as they are, straight off-the-shelf. In cases like these we can rename the typeface or change a few glyphs and features to create a one off corporate license.

Beyond this, design changes can be made to reflect significant brand assets - usually the logotype. For example, we modified a font for Lloyds Bank, accommodating the feature bar in the ‘A’ to tie the font into the logo.

What Does It Involve?

We also find that there is a significant demand for weight additions and language extensions for many of our core library fonts. The fact that we are the sole owners of our work, gives us the freedom to accommodate individual needs easily.

One of the many benefits of the modification is the speed of turnaround. This process is obviously much faster to market than a full custom font, which makes it very popular with brands in proactive, fast-moving sectors.

This pace also extends into other languages sets where many of the glyphs are already in place in the English language version.

Essentially though, the same rigour applies. Clients requirements are discussed and design modifications are checked and double checked to ensure a perfect brand fit.


Fontsmith do not allow others to modify our typeface designs and we never modify someone else’s without full written permission. This is vital, because it protects us and our clients.

The brands and design companies we work for come to us for something unique and special. All of our fonts are exclusive - we own them, we drew every little curve detail and therefore understand how they work, and how to customise them. Guarding them jealously, ensures that our clients get the full value they have paid for - a unique, practical tool with a unique license.

We’ve developed modified fonts and licenses for many high-profile consumer facing brands and have recently developed fonts for Sainsbury’s, Argos, Lloyds Banks and Lex Autolease.

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