Other licences

Who is it for?
You can use our desktop fonts to make bitmap graphics (.gif, .png etc.) for use in a mobile app. If you want to embed the font into an app, regardless of whether it is for static or dynamic text, you will require an App licence.

Both OpenType (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) are included.

Number of apps
Cost per app up to 50 apps

Licence term options
Perpetual licence or annual subscription

What’s included?
  • You can embed the fonts into mobile apps.
What’s not included?
  • You cannot embed the fonts into a website (go to Web licence).
  • You cannot use fonts in Document Composition Systems – Billing etc. (go to Brandfont® licence).
  • You cannot use the fonts in Broadcast branding.
  • Manufacturers/developers who want to include our fonts within their software product or service must contact us for a separate licence.
  • To use our fonts in print, you can purchase a Studio licence.
  • You may purchase additional options for your App licence, such as Web or Web-to-print, at a later date.