Desktop font

Who is it for?
Our Desktop licence is intended for anyone in need of a desktop font, from design studios, marketing agencies, manufacturers, printers, freelancers, in-house design and marketing teams to enterprises.

The more workstations you have, the higher the licence fee, as you would expect. Remember though, this licence is just for your company!

Both OpenType (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) formats are included

Number of workstations
1 up to 50 (contact us if you have more)

Licence term
Perpetual licence

What’s included?
  • You can install the font on your server. Just buy a licence for the number of employees using the font in your company.
  • You can use the fonts to make bitmap graphics such as .gif, .jpg and .png for use on a website or mobile app.
What’s not included?
  • You cannot embed the fonts into a website using @font-face (go to Web licence).
  • You cannot embed the fonts into mobile apps (go to App licence).
  • You cannot supply the font to suppliers or other companies to use.
  • To use our fonts in websites, you can purchase a Web licence which is available in a choice of use levels.
  • Additional licenses available for using our fonts in mobile apps, games, electronic publications and server-based applications.
  • Upgrades are available at a later date for increased number of employees using the fonts.
Monotype Desktop License, added February 2020