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FS Pele

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Conjuring memories of chunky typefaces from the late-60s and early-70s, and named after the world’s greatest footballer of that and probably any other era, FS Pele is one of a set of Fontsmith fonts designed specifically for headlines and other prominent applications.

“We wanted to create fonts that could be integral to the design of posters, album covers and magazines,” says Jason Smith.

Welcome to FS Pele, iconic, like its namesake (though, perhaps, a little less nimble).


There was only one Pele. But there are two sizes of FS Pele. FS Pele One, with the finer counters and details, adds considerable weight and style at large sizes, especially in big block headlines on posters.

FS Pele Two’s thicker “slots” make it a better choice for smaller-sized text.

Big Pele, little Pele

FS Pele began as an exercise by Phil Garnham in turning squares into legible letters, via the least means necessary. The idea extended his ideas about logo-making, and the search for a stamp-like brand mark that lends authority, stability and instant identification.

“The thought that the type was a 2D/3D jigsaw of slotted, architectural pieces was almost an after-thought. I wanted to create a strong, stacking, block aesthetic for the most contemporary poster design.

“At the time there were a lot of designers creating their own versions of the same thing but I wanted to take the blocker forms to the next step, and infer a more legible text without sacrificing the idea.”

A load of blocks
Want to use FS Pele as your brand font?

Standard Vs. Pro

Fontsmith offers two kinds of fonts: Standard and Pro. If you work exclusively with Latin-based languages our Standard character set is designed to meet your requirements. However, if you work with Cyrillic and Greek typography please use our Pro fonts.

Standard Vs. Pro
Tabular Lining
Punctuation & Marks
Language support
Uppercase Yes
Lowercase Yes
Accents Yes
Tabular Lining Yes
Punctuation & Marks Yes
Language support

Both Standard and Pro font versions include a wealth of typographic features and are available to use in supporting OpenType applications such as Adobe Illustrator®, Indesign® and Photoshop®.