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FS Jack

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FS Jack Family

FS Jack Features

It was a forensic examination by Jason Smith of his existing designs that laid the groundwork for FS Jack. Jason made a list of unique characteristics that would give the sans serif font its typographic thumbprint, which included an unusually large x-height and slightly off-the-wall letters like the lower-case “a”, “g”, “k” and “y”.

“I wanted to make something that was slightly uncomfortable,” says Jason, “and in doing so simplify the quirkiness down to a few letters.” Fernando Mello did “the rest of the cooking”, filling the design out and making the additional weights.    

a, g, k and y

Upon its release in 2010, FS Jack was submitted by Fernando, who is Brazilian, for the esteemed type design biennial, Tipos Latinos, where it was selected as a winner in the Families category. It went on to be selected for type exhibitions throughout Latin America and around the world.

“FS Jack is a workhorse,” says Fernando, “but also very ownable and distinctive, and available in a good range of weights, crafted by Jason and I.”

Tipos Latinos

“FS Jack took a couple of years to get noticed and is still fairly underused,” says Jason, “which is good in a way, for our Brandfont clients that have adopted it.”

FS Jack was chosen as the signature font for The Shard in London, from its signage down to business cards. Fontsmith also worked with Lloyds Bank to customise FS Jack into a bespoke font for the bank’s updated brand identity – part of Fontsmith’s Brandfont service, which you can read about here.


Included in the FS Jack family – just – is FS Jack Poster, the super-heavy weight of the range. “That was a last minute addition,” says Fernando, “after Jason and I started talking about how much we liked Gill KO, a typeface that is almost comically fat.”

Fat Jack
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Standard Vs. Pro

Fontsmith offers two kinds of fonts: Standard and Pro. If you work exclusively with Latin-based languages our Standard character set is designed to meet your requirements. However, if you work with Cyrillic and Greek typography please use our Pro fonts.

Standard Vs. Pro
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Tabular Lining
Proportional Lining
Tabular Oldstyle
Proportional Oldstyle
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Punctuation & Marks
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Language support
Uppercase Yes
Lowercase Yes
Accents Yes
Small Caps Yes
Ligature Set Yes
Tabular Lining Yes
Proportional Lining Yes
Tabular Oldstyle Yes
Proportional Oldstyle Yes
Lining Slashed Zero Yes
Superiors Yes
Inferiors Yes
Numerators Yes
Denominators Yes
Ordinals Yes
Fractions Yes
Punctuation & Marks Yes
All Cap Punctuation Yes
All Small Cap Punctuation Yes
Language support

Both Standard and Pro font versions include a wealth of typographic features and are available to use in supporting OpenType applications such as Adobe Illustrator®, Indesign® and Photoshop®.