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The underline of the typeface looks heavy when compared to the font weight. Is this normal?

Within all of our fonts we specify the thickness or weight value of the underline so that it can be implemented by softwares and applied in accordance with the font weight being used.

However, at this time there are only two desktop applications that support a specified underline thickness value. Those are MS Word and MS Powerpoint and these applications only support the specified underline on a Windows PC. All other desktop design softwares as well as MS Office on Mac OS will specify the weight of the underline independently to the font file settings.

Most web browsers also use their own methods for calculating an underline with the exception of Firefox which uses the correct specified weight values from within the font files. Chrome often appears to display an unusually heavy underline when using Lighter font weights. The only work around at this time is to use an image such as a jpg or png file of line artwork.

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