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Font cache

The operating system and certain applications use font caches to keep track of the fonts that are installed on you computer.
A common issue when installing or updating fonts is that the font cache files on your computer can become corrupted. Typical symptoms include:

    • The font menu does not show your font.
    • The fonts letters do not appear at all.
    • Characters appear garbled and messed up.
    • You type one letter, but a different one appears.
    • Paragraphs do not reflow properly.
    • Your font does not print, or prints wrong or garbled letters.

The best solution for all cases is to delete the font cache files. There is no danger in doing this as these cache files are automatically restored upon system restart.

Mac OS

The simple way to reset a Mac’s font cache is to use a third party font cache clearing application such as FontFingler or Font Nuke and follow the applications instructions:

Font Nuke:

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with the Terminal command line tools use the following instructions:

1. Open Terminal

2. Type:  sudo atsutil databases -remove

3. Enter your system password and hit return.

4. Type:  atsutil server -shutdown

5. Type:  atsutil server -ping

6. Now it is important that you restart you Mac, or the cache issue will reappear.


The font cache files for all Windows operating systems are located here:


Delete the FNTCACHE.DAT file and restart your system.

A new FNTCACHE.DAT file will be created on startup and your font menus will now be refreshed and up to date.

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