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I’m using version 16.9 of Microsoft Office on macOS…

There area number of known bugs with this version of MS Office on Mac…

• Text appears garbled or in a different font.

• Some fonts are being substituted with other fonts.

• You may see a message bar saying "We were unable to load all your fonts. Some fonts may be missing."

Possible solutions:

1. Check the installed versions of the font. If you have multiple versions, remove all versions and then install only the latest version of the font.

2. If you have a single version of font, check the font file format. If it is displayed as a “PostScript-Type1” font, we recommend you upgrade it to a newer “OpenType” or “TrueType” version of the font.

3. If you have a large number of fonts installed on your system, Microsoft Office apps may not be able to load all the fonts. Please review and prioritise the fonts available on your computer.

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