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Indesign does not list my Book weight correctly when using the ‘Find Font’ feature. How can I change my Book font without causing issues to my artwork?

Updating your artwork is pretty simple and straightforward but it's important to be aware that in some versions of Indesign the Book weight may not be listed as expected when using the ‘Find Font’ feature.

Adobe Indesign has an inconsistent tendency to associate the Book and Regular weights of fonts as they are both closely aligned styles. This can lead to the ‘Find Font’ dialogue listing the Book weight as the font family name without the style 'Book' e.g 'FS Emeric' instead of 'FS Emeric Book' and the 'Regular' style can display as 'FS Emeric Regular'.

If you are updating artwork please use ‘Find Font’ to update all Book weights first, prior to updating all other weights. i.e Replace 'FS Emeric' with 'FS Emeric Book'. Thoroughly check all artwork and proofs before heading to the printers in order to avoid any potential artwork issues with Adobe Indesign source files.

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