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Can I ‘commit’ Fontsmith font files to a public GIT repository?

In short — No.

Our fonts are licensed directly to the named organisation and licensee at license purchase. The distribution of our font software to unlicensed users is strictly prohibited and therefore our fonts cannot be shared or distributed via open-source GIT sharing platforms. As the font license holder, it is your responsibility to ensure that Fontsmith typefaces are not distributed via a public GIT repository.

Best Practice: Use a .gitignore file in all commits to ensure assets/fonts are not pushed to the repository and ask any additional users of the repository to acquire their own license to use the fonts.

If you are currently working with our fonts and they are on a GIT repository please follow these steps to remove them:

1. Remove the files and commit the change:

$ git rm assets/fonts/<fontfilename>

2. Check all commits before the above deletion. If font files still exist in previous commits use the tool BFG Repo Cleaner

$ bfg --delete-files assets/fonts/<fontfilename>

This will remove the fonts from your entire repository history.

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