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How can I access Greek or Cyrillic and other language characters on my computer?

In Adobe CS: When setting a small amount of text you can access the characters via Type > Glyphs and add/click-on the characters individually.

If you are setting and typing a long text it is better to follow these steps:

Apple Mac:
Go to >
System Preferences >
Keyboard >
Input Sources >
In the Left column click the + symbol >
Add the desired language i.e. Greek, Bulgarian or Russian >
Quit System Preferences.

Then on the main Menu bar at top right hand corner of the screen you may see a British or USA flag. Click this and you will see a drop down menu with the additional keyboard settings that you added, also the option to ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’. Select a language and to view the characters you need use ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’.

Windows PC:
In the lower right hand corner of the Menu Bar >
Click ENG >
In the dialogue window there is an Add a Language option >
Click a language i.e. Russian >
Close the Settings window.

To change the languages go to the lower right hand Menu Bar and click the ENG again and select Russian, this will change the keyboard input to that language.

The short cut to this is to hold down the Windows Key and the Space Bar, a window will appear with the language options.

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