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I have upgraded to FireFox Version 44 and some of the web fonts will not display. Can you help?

FireFox 44 introduced a font validation procedure and as such a small number of our .woff web font files that were built in 2014 were not compatible with these new rules. As a result some of the font files would display as a default system font. The good news is that FireFox 45 has now removed the offending validation process and the affected font files have now been amended to pass all validation code. If your website is affected by this issue in FireFox 44 and if you would like to update the fonts for those users viewing your website on FireFox 44, please contact us for a file update via the support form.

The affected 2014 .woff font files were: FS Albert Cyrillic, FS Blake, FS Dillon, FS Elliot, FS Emeric, FS Jack, FS Joey, FS Me, FS Olivia, FS Pimlico, FS Rufus, FS Sally and FS Truman.

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