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Can I embed a font in MS Office for editable embedding?

It is possible to embed a font into an MS Office document so that another person receiving the document can edit the documents text, even if they do not have the font file installed on their computer. However, this functionality comes with some limitations:

• Only a TrueType formatted font file can be embedded into a document.

• Older versions of MS Office software are unreliable with this editable embedding functionality. We strongly recommend using the latest versions of MS Office in order to ensure that the font is embed correctly.

• By embedding the fonts, you are actually including the fonts files within the documents code. By including the font files within your document, you could be dramatically increasing the file size of your document. It is an important point to consider with regards to how many documents you will embedded the fonts into and your available file storage capacity. Additionally, how do you plan to distribute these documents, are there file size limitations?

If you would like a font licence that allows you to embed and edit MS Office documents on any computer that does not have the actual font files installed on it, you will have to contact us via our support form to discuss your requirements further.

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