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Can I embed Fontsmith fonts into a MS Office document?

Our fonts are built with the ‘Print and Preview’ embedding setting as standard.

MS Office (Word/Powerpoint) only supports the embedding of TrueType font files.

Windows MS Office versions most widely support font embedding. Only the very latest version of Mac Office 365 supports an embedding feature and therefor support is limited. It’s important to note the embedding feature can be problematic between different versions of MS Office. The most consistent and successful functionality is achieved when all document viewers are aligned with the same app version.

It’s also important to note that when embedding ‘Print and Preview’ TrueType fonts, the recipient of the document can view the fonts as intended but if they click to ‘edit the document’ the intended font appearance will be lost. They will only be able to ‘Print and Preview’ the fonts within the document, not edit it.

If you would like a font licence that allows you to edit the embedded font text please see ‘Can I embed a font in MS Office for editable embedding?

How to embed a TrueType font in a document by Microsoft.

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