Fontsmith End User Licence Agreement

The fonts (“Font(s)”) are provided under licence by Fontsmith Ltd.

Please be aware of the following conditions:

  • The copyright and all intellectual property rights that may exist in the Fonts remain at all times the property of Fontsmith Ltd or the Client.
  • The resale, rental, etc. of the Font and typeface data is not permitted.
  • You have been granted use of the Font by a client of Fontsmith Ltd and access credentials will have been provided by this party (the “Client”). This is to allow you to use the Font for the purpose of providing your services to the Client only.
  • This Font is supplied for the duration of work carried out for the Client only; the Font is not to be used for any other work; and the Font is not to be retained after your work for the Client is completed; it must be irretrievably deleted from all systems at this point. You must diligently control access to the Font to prohibit any unauthorised usage. These procedures are a requirement of the Font licence and are also essential to protect the Client’s licence investment in the Font.
  • The right to use this Fontsmith Font software product is granted only on the condition that the user agrees to Fontsmith’s Standard Conditions of Sale, which can be viewed at the licensing section of Your clicking ‘Accept’ and/or continued use and access to the Font shall be deemed to indicate your acceptance of the Standard Conditions of Sale terms. Please make any employee or other party under your control that requires access to the Font aware of these obligations.
  • All Fonts are provided ‘as is’ with no express warranties given or implied by law.


Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.