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When a global giant undertakes its first corporate rebranding in 40 years, a singular typeface is required to play an integral role in communicating the evolution in its business strategy.


Xerox Corporation is the world’s leading document management enterprise. In 2007, the Xerox Corporation and its branding agency, Interbrand in New York, were planning the first major rebranding of Xerox for more than 40 years. Following nearly two years of global research and testing, the rebranding team chose Fontsmith to consult with and deliver their new typographic identity.

An extensive phase of testing began with the Fontsmith font library in which Interbrand decided that our FS Albert typeface had all the key attributes to best represent Xerox. But... Xerox required a very specific solution, with over 50,000 separate design and print suppliers worldwide, their new typeface had to be unique to them and carry their brand name.


We took FS Albert back to the drawing board, producing an extended remix of soft and approachable characters in a range of weights. Subtle character differences and shapes were applied to create uniqueness, whilst retaining the original attributes of the typeface that worked so well in defining a personality for the new Xerox brand.

We extended the existing character-set to cover full European, Cyrillic and Greek text, enabling it to be utilised in over 90 different languages. We then created an special set of small cap fonts for product coding description purposes plus a complete condensed version of the entire font family. This brought the full suit of fonts to 27 varying styles for use throughout the brand.

Fontsmith artworked the new logotype designed by Interbrand. Refining and checking all curves, stems, paths, letter-spacing and kerning.


Xerox Sans is the unique typographical solution to fit Xerox’s vision of the future. The new identity is a clear departure from the old that visually defines the modern openness and approachable nature of the company.

Fontsmith understands the requirements of your business no matter how large or small. We have over 10 years of experience in providing bespoke design and modified identity solutions, delivering files to designers and suppliers all around the globe. We design coherent typographic identity systems of value and purpose.

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“Xerox is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and our brand is a powerful asset; with this new look we also want it to be a powerful reminder of Xerox’s significant transformation in the marketplace.”

— Richard Wergan, Vice President of Global Branding, Xerox