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Saudia Airlines

A bespoke typeface for Saudia Airlines in Latin and Arabic to be used across all brand communications


Saudia airlines had defined a new strategic direction to be ‘The best of the Arab World’. The airline was working with Honour Branding on a campaign to deliver this message across all touchpoints including brand collateral, online, livery, front line staff, on-board product and catering.

We recognised that key to creating true differentiation and seamless consistency was to create a bespoke typeface for the brand. Type has a fundamental role in brand identity and is key to communicating values and corporate personality.


Both Latin and Arabic fonts come with their own set of challenges. The Arabic version particularly needed to be sensitive to the intricate nuances and regional differences. Using the master logotype as our influence we had to evolve this to create greater legibility without losing the existing character. Arabic fonts hold a huge amount of tradition and modernising them for today’s channels whilst retaining heritage and being sensitive to the provenance of Saudia Arabia was key.

There had been considerable inconsistencies in the use of type within Saudia so this was an opportunity to close the gaps and create some clear guidelines for use.  Honour partnered with Fontsmith to create a simple and elegant typeface for full rollout across all visual identity elements.


Honour & Fontsmith have successfully delivered 15 Brandfonts, each designed for a specific purpose, making the management of the Saudia visual identity stronger and more consistent across all media and uses. The biggest challenge for the design team was to strike an appropriate balance between the logistics of introducing a new typeface and retaining the essence of the Logotype and sub-brands. 

The Arabic type has particular characteristics including: diamond formed umlaut, carefully crafted weight differences with special attention shown to the relationship between weights, sharp corners and straight terminals on vertical strokes. All retaining heritage back to the much loved original logotype.

The Latin characteristics include: Angled terminals, rounded corner details and a curved crossbar. The clear, clean and branded typeface was born out of balancing the two languages in text setting and above the line advertising.  

“Fontsmith are known for creating fonts with a distinctively human character, and understand the impact that form, craft and detail have on communications in all its visual forms. With extensive award winning experience in both Latin and Arabic fonts, Fontsmith were the perfect partners to embark on this journey with us”

— Darren Morris, Honour Branding