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ITV Reem

Create a network-wide typographic identity, which helps to build a modern and vital brand, positioning ITV as ‘the heart of popular culture’, a channel that is right in the fabric of people’s lives.

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The commercial television network ITV, in collaboration with broadcast agency Rudd Studio, invited Fontsmith to join a team of top creatives working to build a modern, vital brand, that reflected content, and delivered a greater visual consistency throughout the network’s various communication channels.

Tasked with the initial challenge of exploring variations and crafting what is now the new ITV logotype, we were then asked to turn our attention to designing a typeface family: one that was sympathetic to the logotype’s design yet provided a harmonious contrast to ensure an onscreen branded continuity.

This was to be a brand-wide typeface, evoking the core brand’s essence throughout all TV channels, online and on-demand products.


Having initially explored a wide variety of potential typographic styles, our design approach became strictly focused. We began developing a detailed and wide proportioned design that was very much influenced by the principles that we had explored within the logotype. Much like the logo, the typeface has a subtle calligraphic feel in the sense that when you take a pen off the page when writing, you get the sense of a rounded ending to the stroke or line creating a subtle, modern and bouncy script tone of voice.


Fontsmith has built a reputation of being the go-to type design agency for the TV and broadcast industry with previous commissions from Channel 4, the BBC, Sky TV, UKTV and many more...

What makes us so successful in this sector is the ability to understand exactly how a typeface behaves on-air and off-air, providing personality to its parent brand. As well as awakening the attributes of the brand, the font needs to back up on-air and off-air identities.

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“Fontsmith make a real effort to get under the skin of a brief and produce something which supports the big idea. The ITV Reem typeface is of course beautifully executed and a pleasure for designers to work with.”

— Matthew Rudd, Rudd Studio
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