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ITV Logotype

Create a new logotype for the entire ITV organisation, a logo from which all other identity assets can stem. A logo that can cement a strong relationship between much loved programming content and the brand image.


The previous ITV brand didn’t work hard enough to build a content relationship. It sat recessively versus very strong programme brands. The ITV brand had to be elevated in order to create a strong mother brand with all roads leading back to it.

Matthew Rudd of Broadcast design agency Rudd Studio invited Fontsmith to join a small team of creative’s in developing concepts and ideas for what could be the new ITV logotype.

A specific ten week period was dedicated to drawing up and reviewing logo designs posted on walls and scrutinised at every step. “That isn’t much time to come up with a totally new marque for a big organisation like ITV, but we fought for the logo to be given sufficient attention” says Rudd.


Fontsmith set about with an open brief from Rudd Studio in which to simply explore and make discoveries between the ITV letterforms. Typestyle and type case were not important at this stage – the journey to an interesting design solution was paramount.

Our process began as always with pencil and paper. The freeness offered by doodling letterforms in this way allows room for the unexpected. It also allows for ideas to be pursued or dismissed within a swifter time frame. Our initial ideas were slightly wayward and off-brand in terms of voice but our interests lied in unearthing the connective possibilities of the letterforms.

Rudd Studio wanted the ITV logo to get off the fence and stand for something. They felt that a logo based on handwriting could could create warmth and resonate with the emotive experiences offered by ITV’s content. Matthew Rudd set about doodling the lowercase joined letterforms that would form the base for the final logotype. The creative team bought us back into the mix in order to formalise the marque, to give it authority and gravitas, whilst retaining its humanity.

Effectiveness / Benefits / Experience

The final logotype was crafted, refined and artworked here at Fontsmith and delivered as two versions – black and white and the hero multi-coloured version. The multi-coloured logo with five split paths segments allowed the content and logo to speak together through colour, expressing the tonal variety of ITV’s content and enabling it to be reactionary to current events and seasons.

The design of the logotype was a fully collaborative process between Rudd Studio, Fontsmith and ITV Creative.

Following the networks rebrand, ITV won numerous awards for creativity in branding, including MediaWeek’s 2013 ‘Media Brand of the Year’ and awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

“Fontsmith make a real effort to get under the skin of a brief and produce something which supports the big idea.”

— Matthew Rudd, Rudd Studio