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A distinctive typeface for ING’s new digital-first visual identity. Smart and sophisticated, and ultra-legible in every situation.


With over 48 million customers in more than 40 countries, ING is one of the biggest in the world. But even big banks need a font that works perfectly on small screens, and we collaborated with Dutch brand agency VBAT, to modify FS Me to make it unique to ING without impacting its legibility.

VBAT was developing a new digital-first visual identity and a key element was to be a custom typeface. VBAT knew Fontsmith were experts in legibility and wanted to modify FS Me, the ultra legible typeface which was developed in conjunction with Mencap, the UK’s leading learning-disability charity.


FS Me was designed to support reading by people with a learning disability and exceeds government standards for typeface accessibility. As legibility is the key challenge when designing for digital applications, FS Me was the right starting point.

We focussed on creating a distinctive ownable typeface that would be ultra legible rather than designing for a specific browser or screen. The typeface’s, scale, weight, x-height and spacing were all analysed and adjusted in different digital applications, to give even clearer character legibility.

The design modifications were informed by the ING logo itself, rounded shapes on the inside, squarer and sharper on the outside. Straightened curves at the beginning and end of the strokes (for less bounce) and an increased ascender height to create a difference to the cap height. Fontsmith also added further changes for more distinction to numbers - this is a bank after all, numbers are important.


The result is ING Me, a smart and sophisticated font that’s equally clear and accessible. An ownable typeface that reflects INGs desire to be the most inclusive and accessible bank, it feels ‘open to everyone’ yet sophisticated, grown up, professional and clear.

And when it came to roll out across all 40 countries, we made sure everything was implemented with minimal disruption. It’s not just ING that you can bank on.

“The ING Me typeface is one of ING’s most important brand assets, besides the logo. It’s highly accessible nature translates perfectly to ING’s ‘clear and easy’ design principle. The custom typeface helps ING to connect with customers in almost every visible contact moment.”

— Ted Schappert, Brand Design Manager, ING