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Desktop fonts for design and marketing teams.

  • Desktop fonts (OpenType and TrueType formats)
  • Bands from 1 up to 50 users
  • Perpetual licence

Self-hosted webfonts based on page views.

  • Self-hosted webfonts (woff and woff2 formats)
  • Bands from 250,000 page views
  • Pay As You Go licence

Embed fonts into your mobile apps.

  • OpenType and TrueType formats included
  • Bands from 1 up to 5 apps
  • Annual subscription

Embed fonts into ePub or digital publication.

  • OpenType and TrueType formats included
  • Bands from 1 up to 5 publications
  • Perpetual licence

Install fonts onto your server, allowing end-users and customers to personalise their print.

  • OpenType and TrueType formats included
  • Bands from 1 up to 5 server CPU cores
  • Annual subscription
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Prices shown:
Editorial pack
  • FS Blake Light
  • FS Blake Light Italic
  • FS Blake Regular
  • FS Blake Italic
  • FS Blake Bold
  • FS Blake Bold Italic
  • FS Blake Heavy
  • FS Blake Heavy Italic
  • FS Brabo ExtraLight
  • FS Brabo ExtraLight Italic
  • FS Brabo Light
  • FS Brabo Light Italic
  • FS Brabo Regular
  • FS Brabo Italic
  • FS Brabo Medium
  • FS Brabo Medium Italic
  • FS Brabo SemiBold
  • FS Brabo SemiBold Italic
  • FS Brabo Bold
  • FS Brabo Bold Italic
  • FS Lucas Thin
  • FS Lucas Thin Italic
  • FS Lucas ExtraLight
  • FS Lucas ExtraLight Italic
  • FS Lucas Light
  • FS Lucas Light Italic
  • FS Lucas Regular
  • FS Lucas Italic
  • FS Lucas Medium
  • FS Lucas Medium Italic
  • FS Lucas SemiBold
  • FS Lucas SemiBold Italic
  • FS Lucas Bold
  • FS Lucas Bold Italic
  • FS Lucas ExtraBold
  • FS Lucas ExtraBold Italic
  • FS Lucas Black
  • FS Lucas Black Italic
  • FS Sally Regular
  • FS Sally Italic
  • FS Sally Medium
  • FS Sally Medium Italic
  • FS Sally SemiBold
  • FS Sally SemiBold Italic
  • FS Sally Bold
  • FS Sally Bold Italic
  • FS Sally Heavy
  • FS Sally Heavy Italic
  • FS Siena Thin
  • FS Siena Thin Italic
  • FS Siena ExtraLight
  • FS Siena ExtraLight Italic
  • FS Siena Light
  • FS Siena Light Italic
  • FS Siena Regular
  • FS Siena Italic
  • FS Siena Medium
  • FS Siena Medium Italic
  • FS Siena SemiBold
  • FS Siena SemiBold Italic
  • FS Siena Bold
  • FS Siena Bold Italic
  • FS Silas Sans Thin
  • FS Silas Sans Thin Italic
  • FS Silas Sans Light
  • FS Silas Sans Light Italic
  • FS Silas Sans Regular
  • FS Silas Sans Italic
  • FS Silas Sans Bold
  • FS Silas Sans Bold Italic
  • FS Silas Sans ExtraBold
  • FS Silas Sans ExtraBold Italic
  • FS Silas Slab Thin
  • FS Silas Slab Thin Italic
  • FS Silas Slab Light
  • FS Silas Slab Light Italic
  • FS Silas Slab Regular
  • FS Silas Slab Italic
  • FS Silas Slab Bold
  • FS Silas Slab Bold Italic
  • FS Silas Slab ExtraBold
  • FS Silas Slab ExtraBold Italic