Fontsmith variable fonts have landed!

Tamasin Handley Inspiration
29 Oct’19

Today we’re launching a collection of nine variable fonts; FS Industrie, FS Koopman, FS Ostro Display, FS Kim, FS Meridian, FS Untitled, FS Pimlico, FS Pele and FS Kitty

Variable fonts give designers more creative opportunities while saving space. Rather than having a separate file for each style, a variable font can include an entire family of styles in one TrueType or WOFF2 file, and designers have the flexibility to choose any intermediate iteration within the font. In a font with a weight ‘axis’, you wouldn’t need to stick to Regular or Bold, you could choose anything in between. Any axis can be defined by the type designer such as ‘width’ or ‘italic’ or something more creative like ‘shadow’ or ‘glow’. Variable font technology opens up unchartered creative possibilities.

To celebrate the launch we have created a microsite where you can explore our variable typefaces and download trial font files for experimentation. This article by Type Design Director Phil Garnham also takes a more detailed look into the creative possibilities of the technology. 

Trial versions are available to download individually, just download the relevant family from the link on the font page and the variable font (limited character set) will be included with all the other styles.

We are also including the variable fonts with any family purchase (Studio, Web and Small Business licences). However, please note: this is a new technology and at this time we’re not able to provide any technical support for your variable font projects.


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