Custom type for Spanish energy brand Naturgy

Phil Garnham Font modification
25 Jun’19

In 2018 Gas Natural Fenosa rebranded to Naturgy as part of a new global push. They were supported by Interbrand facing the challenge to reinvent one of the largest energy companies in Spain. They approached us to create a cohesive typographic system made up of logotype, custom headline font and supporting typeface.

Renaming the company Naturgy was one of the most significant changes in the company’s 175 year history. The energy leader was in the midst of a complete reformation to become an innovative, agile brand, committed to the environment and to society. Naturgy is moving towards environmentally-friendly and global energy solutions and needed an identity to reflect their new direction.


Starting with the logo, we expanded upon their thoughts to create design ideas and variations that dialled in on a more open and sympathetic logo for the brand, one which could work with the brands already established butterfly symbol.  We embodied the ‘spirit’ of the business into the new sans letters and used the logo as a starting point to define a clean, open and rounded type style that could expand into a distinct display font for use across all brand collateral, headlines and sub-brand logos. 

As part of the creative process we analysed the brands architecture to explore the incorporation of a new supporting typeface. Naturgy needed a complete typographic identity revamp throughout the business, from employee emails to large scale ad campaigns. FS Emeric was a great fit and a contrasting sans style to the new Naturgy headline font, it’s expansive weights and contemporary and industrial character make it a strong workhorse for all brand communications.


Naturgy’s new typographic identity supports a complete transformation for the business and is an important part of their new visual identity. The logotype, headline custom font and supporting typeface FS Emeric form a harmonious system with enough flexibility to cover all uses now and in the future.

By choosing a custom typeface the energy company has an ownable brand asset to reinforce their new values across all touchpoints. Brandfont® licensing covers Naturgy for unrestricted use of the fonts on any platform and distribution to suppliers for complete peace of mind.


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