FS Brabo Pro - new weights and language support

Fernando Mello New typefaces
8 Feb’19

FS Brabo was originally created as a book typeface comprising of only two very carefully designed weights. After launch it went on to win several awards including Red Dot, European Design Awards, Hiii Typography and Tipos Latinos. We wanted to expand it into other languages, and to create an even more flexible and versatile system, for more diverse uses. The new FS Brabo Pro family has been expanded to a total of 12 styles including italics, all created with the same craft and precision that made the original typeface a hit. Ranging from Extralight to Bold, typographers and graphic designers now have a truly versatile palette to experiment with in their projects.

One of the most challenging aspects of adding Cyrillic and Greek to FS Brabo was the influence of the classical Garalde. These 16th century models didn’t originally exist in Cyrillic and Greek, so it requires strong knowledge of the script to be able to interpret them.

The rounded asymmetric serifs fit nicely onto the Cyrillic lowercase letterforms.

The moderate contrast axis translated well into the Greek shapes to give the humanist character necessary for a text typeface. 

FS Brabo Pro is a rare find. Cyrillic and Greek have been designed with respect to the original script and balanced with the Latin that already has so many extras, such as small caps and eight different sets of figures.

Available to test drive and buy now.

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