Introducing a trio of sophisticated storytelling serifs

Jason Smith Inspiration
26 Nov’18

In a Fontsmith first, we’re launching a trio of serif typefaces at once. While FS Kim, FS Neruda and FS Ostro are all unique, individual fonts, together they form a cohesive, carefully curated addition to the Fontsmith library. 50 brand new fonts in total to be exact… 

These fonts are storytellers, and aimed at those who tell stories – from books to newspapers and magazines, to online editorial platforms. Whether those tales are hard-hitting news stories, poems, plays, gossip or serious non-fiction, these fonts are designed to tell them perfectly. These serifs all work across an impressive range of settings: headlines, large body copy, smaller body copy and more. With enough variety and versions to provide an entire typographic system in editorial.  What they have in common is a marriage of classic, and contemporary values with striking, original touches that make them at once eye-catching and resourceful.

While Fontsmith’s library already boasts a selection of serifs, FS Kim, FS Neruda and FS Ostro were all created to bring something entirely new: a fashion-influenced showstopper, a quirky Sabon-inspired old-style serif and a contrasting Modern-style serif respectively.

Everyone’s getting tired of the same old geometric fonts we see online, screens are so much better these days and audiences are much more educated, so you don’t have to dumb down fonts. People want to read things properly, and to see and importantly feel something different – we can, and do, use serif typefaces digitally.

There’s a backlash beginning against a lot of online brands looking the same: people and brands want to be identifiable, so we’re moving away from those geometric monoline styles. You can be more expressive in some cases with serifs. It’s our job as type designers to negotiate trends, and we look at what’s happening in music, fashion, car design, art, architecture – all those things inform us as visual designers, classic craftmanship is all around us.

The storytelling serifs specimen is available to buy now in the Fontsmith Shop.

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