Introducing FS Lucas Pro

Krista Radoeva New typefaces
25 Sep’18

FS Lucas is a characterful geometric sans serif designed by Stuart de Rozario which was released in 2016. Due to popular demand since its launch we have now extended the character set to cover over 30 different languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Greek.


The geometric character of FS Lucas translated naturally to straight and squarish Cyrillic letterforms.


The Greek script tends to be more fluid, but the openness of the round shapes in FS Lucas helped achieve a similar balance.


FS Lucas is not a strict geometric design and its sharp corners and quirky details also found their way into the design of the Cyrillic and Greek letterforms.


Besides Cyrillic and Greek Support, FS Lucas Pro has 6 additional sets of figures: Oldstyle Proportional and Oldstyle Tabular, Superiors and Inferiors, Numerators and Denominators, as well as a set of fractions and extended set of currency symbols.

All these design elements come together to achieve a balanced and harmonious multilingual typeface.

FS Lucas Pro is available to test drive and buy now.

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