Fontsmith respond to increase in demand for global language support with FS Sally Pro

Tamasin Handley New typefaces
21 Sep’16

Our graceful type FS Sally (originally launched in 2009) is a well-proportioned bookish design and versatile brand seriffed typeface. Following increasing demand for multilingual faces Fontsmith has now created, crafted and built FS Sally Pro which is available to license and use across a range of projects from our exclusive font library.

Fontsmith Standard font families cover over 115 Latin-based languages while our Pro fonts also include Cyrillic and Greek alphabets which cover 30 additional languages such as Russian, Bulgarian and of course Greek. FS Sally Pro also includes a special OpenType language localisation feature which allows designers to switch between the characters for each language.

Latin, Cyrillic and Greek all sit side by side and retain the formal discipline required for a text typeface. The rhythm and flow is consistent as a result of the gentle moderate-contrasted transition between thick and thin strokes. And the refreshingly uncomplicated design brings a level of sophistication, and distinctive aplomb to both large and small volumes of text, be it large or small in size.

FS Sally Pro’s five weights are available across the entire family and cover every kind of application. The regular weight is elegant in display and an easy read in long texts. The medium was created to deliver a stronger colour and finish in poorer printing conditions. Semibold offers a strong alternative to the regular at smaller sizes and sub-headers. Bold works excellently in book headings and the heavy adds weight and punch to posters and logotypes.

Test drive or buy FS Sally Pro.

All Fontsmith Pro fonts provide support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek languages and a wealth of typographic features.

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