Webfonts test drive is here!

Tamasin Handley News
23 Jun’16

We have just launched a new test drive feature on our website to trial webfonts on desktop and mobile. To access the features just go to any of the font pages and click on the test drive tab, or click here to visit the FS Silas Slab page. There are 3 sections to try out:

  1. Display mode allows you to set your type and see the finer details. You can click in the box to drop in your own words, then adjust the size, background colour, alignment and weight. There is also an option to open up a second window to compare another typeface.
  2. Body copy mode is for viewing larger pieces of text. We have included the same options to change the size, background, alignment and weight, as well as the font. There is also an option to change the language so you can see how the typeface looks in different languages – up to 22 for the pro fonts. Again there is an option to compare more than one font.
  3. Waterfall mode is to compare different pt sizes on the same screen to help you choose the right one.


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