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Phil Garnham New typefaces
8 Jun’15

We’re pleased to introduce FS Silas, our newest typeface family.

We designed FS Silas in both Sans Serif and Slab Serif forms, and each version is available in 5 weights with accompanying italics.

With FS Silas we have created a versatile typographic toolkit that does the tricky job of enabling brands to communicate with different voices as part of a unified design language.

The various weights and styles are capable of displaying a wide range of personality traits, from elegant Thins to powerful ExtraBolds and enthusiastic Italics. The Sans and the Slab are true siblings, in the sense that they are drawn from the same origins, but display very different characters.

FS Silas initially appears unassuming - it goes about its work with a quiet industry. But on closer inspection, you begin to understand that there is more going on. Both versions make subtle use of varying angles across their respective character sets, giving copy a distinctive energy that compels the reader on.

It was these hidden depths and subtle nuances that caused FS Silas to become known as “The enigmatic type.”

We stuck with the angular theme of the sans by drawing angled slab serifs, as opposed to the square serifs that slab fonts usually have. That created an inner dynamism in words and sentences on the page, and a very distinctive, crafted character, like a Victorian soul in a contemporary body.

To introduce our newest typeface family, FS Silas, we worked with Believe In and The Space Between, to bring to life a creative concept that draws on the fonts’ intriguing nature. Read more about the launch campaign here, or go direct to FS Silas Sans or FS Silas Slab. 

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