Our pick of the best – Clerkenwell Design Week

Jason Smith Inspiration
18 May’15

Decided what you’re going to see during Clerkenwell Design Week? Here’s a rundown of what we’re planning to see - lucky for us they’re all on our doorstep.

Krista Radoeva
Handcrafted textiles from A Rum Fellow

“I have always been interested in pattern design. It is a craft of combining shapes, of looking for relationships between forms, colours, materials. In a way it has a lot in common to the way I approach design – looking at a typeface as a pattern, as a combination of elements that always need to work well together.”

Andy Lethbridge
Woven upholstery fabrics, blankets and furniture by Eleanor Pritchard

“Maybe it’s from looking at letters for too long but I see lots of grid-based letter structures emerge from these patterns and fabric designs.”

Phil Garnham
The People vs Graphic Design

“The way that graphic design and typography help us find our way and improves urban environments is rarely discussed outside of the industry. The People vs Graphic Design panel is changing that by putting the design of public spaces under the spotlight. Fontsmith friends Tony Brook, Jonathan Barnbrook and Sarah Hyndman are on the panel too, so I'll be heading down for sure.”

Jason Smith
Marby + Elm

“Way back in the day when I started out I applied for a little studio space at Craft Central in St. John’s Square... I think I’m still on the waiting list. 

Pretty much every week I pop in to their exhibition space on my way back from the studio to Farringdon Station. There is nearly always some pop up jeweler or potter, printmaker, hat maker or cushion maker selling their wares from the corner studio. To buy these handmade items from the craftspeople who made them is really special. Marby & Elm's stationery range includes vintage type and hand drawn lettering with fluoro inks.”

Stuart De Rozario

“Forget design week, I’m off to D&AD to pick up my pencil.”

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