Phil Garnham Custom fonts
22 Oct’14

Fontsmith have designed the typefaces for the new Glenfiddich brand identity in collaboration with design consultancy Purple Creative.

In May this year, Purple gave Fontsmith the go-ahead to investigate two new bespoke typeface families in order to build in a considered depth and strength of heritage to Glenfiddich’s tone of voice.

Founders Script is inspired by Glenfiddich founder, William Grant’s Victorian copy book writing style. Through evaluation here at Fontsmith and by an independent graphologist working with Purple, we were able to define key traits within Grant’s writing style and incorporate them within a new modern typeface design. Founder’s Script will be used primarily for body copy and incorporates a broad discretionary ligature set in order to reflect Grant’s characterful handwriting attributes.

In addition we developed Glenfiddich Modern as a robust geometric, all caps headline face with an elegant and well-crafted tone. Glenfiddich Modern references the finer crafted serif of the wordmarque, building synergy throughout all brand typographies.

Purple Creative’s Gary Westlake says: “Three words sum up the new Glenfiddich tone of voice: Warm, proud and authentic.”

For more info see — Design Week and Purple Creative


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