Jason Smith Custom fonts
13 Oct’14

Introducing Brandfont®

Having created typefaces for over 10 years and helping to build successful brands, Fontsmith have developed a new specialist service for brand owners and their agencies, known as Brandfont®.

Fontsmith’s thorough understanding all the issues a brand faces when developing type assets, including distinctiveness, use online, corporate licensing, global use, modification and different language character sets, has informed Brandfont® and makes it the world’s most comprehensive brand type service.

Whether a brand is large or small, starting out or looking to reposition, Brandfont® provides answers to all the key questions and gives the practical support required to make every brand a success. It is a one-stop service designed with the needs of brands in mind, reducing the risks the owners and agencies face when managing their use of type.

Brandfont® has been developed to meet the needs of clients who are all facing similar issues. Having developed fonts for over 10 years, we continued to hear the same questions being raised and knew that we could help our clients even more by providing a service built to provide guidance on all the issues we know all about. We have helped brands through this process so many times, we wanted to share this knowledge and make life easier for the brand owners and agencies.

Fontsmith understands that each project is different. Brandfont® is a tailored personal service, offering unique solutions for typographic branding across:

Corporate Licensing

Simple, flexible licensing options to suit everyone.

Font Modification

Creating a unique font from an existing starting point.

Custom Font Design

Create a whole new font, specific for your brand.

Logo Development

Styling and crafting expertise.

Brandfont® is a personal service. We will help you through the process of commissioning a typeface and make sure you get exactly what your brand needs. The message is simple – if you are building a brand, Brandfont® is here to help.

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