Comic Sans for Cancer – Poster Contribution

Phil Garnham Inspiration
20 Aug’14

Fontsmith were invited to submit a poster design to the Comic Sans for Cancer charity event, organised by our good friend and Soapbox & Sons creative director Jenny Theolin. Over 500 designers submitted proposals and our design was lucky enough to be picked! It was featured in the exhibition which is aimed at raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

The brief was simple – design a poster inspired by the Comic Sans typeface.

The design was born out of the idea that every font file is essentially a series of text files comprised in tables of data. In themselves, these tables have their own inherent beauty, they expose the instructions within a font that enable us to see the alphabetical shapes we love to use each day. I wanted to expose Comic Sans, ‘decode’ it and show an aspect of typeface design that is very rarely seen. I wanted to do this in a graphically interesting way, appropriate to ‘code’ yet also one that felt sympathetic to the vibrant and upbeat comic sans aesthetic. All of the typographic information within our submission was extracted from the data within the Comic Sans MS - Regular font file. So I present to you – the underlying beauty of an allegedly ugly font.

It was an honour for us to be involved in the exhibition! For a full list of the artists involved and to donate please visit

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