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Fontbook states that ‘Problems are found with some of the fonts during validation’. Can I still install and use these fonts on my computer with Fontbook?

Yes, you can continue to use these font files on your computer without any issue. If you continue to install the fonts and then select all of the fonts to validate them, they will pass validation without any errors. Your fonts will work properly within the programs that you intend to use them in.

The latest versions of Fontbook act extremey over cautious in the font validation procedure at the point of font installation. The 'serious error' message is intermitent, often appearing and not-appearing between computers with exactly the same software version build set-up. A common pattern with this error message when you install the fonts (without message), uninstall them and then re-install them again (with message), but the message can also occur randomly. In all instances, please conitinue to install the fonts.

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